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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Zarfund How to Make 40K only spend 17$!!!


Introducing #ZarFund

The worlds best formed 2 8 6 matrix operated in Bitcoins. Watch this video and soon earn 165 BTC monthly...Please ensure you have a Blockchain or Coinbase wallet with 0.03 btc ready as you have 24 hours to pay once you have signed on and you only require 2 people to here.

Hit The Link

Strategy 2 x 2 Upgrade Profit
THIS IS BASED ON EVERYONE JUST GETTING 2 participants (if you have more than 2 you can help you downline by placing these people under them)
LEVEL 1:  2 x 0.03btc 
= 0.06btc – 0.05btc (upgrade to level 2)
= 0.01btc profit per month

LEVEL 2:  4 x 0.05btc
= 0.2btc – 0.1btc (upgrade to level 3)
= 0.1btc profit per month

LEVEL 3:  8 x 0.1btc 
= 0.8btc – 0.2btc (upgrade to level 4) 
= 0.6btc profit per month

LEVEL 4:  16 x 0.2btc 
= 3.2btc – 1btc (upgrade to level 5)  
= 2.2btc profit per month      

LEVEL 5:  32 x 1btc 
= 32btc – 2btc (upgrade to level 6) 
= 30btc profit per month

LEVEL 6:  64 x 2btc  
= 128btc profit per month

Please Join and give me your comment.
if you have any query feel free to ask!
Its a solid online best make money system
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Ariful Haque

Friday, July 22, 2016

Is My24hourincome Scam??? Lets Review

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket."

Have a backup plan. Don't risk all of your money or time in one plan.

Today i will just review a site that is called my24hoursicome. This is an advertising revenue sharing site. Admin well know internet marketer...

Admin Review Video must See:

What is my24hourincome?
MY24hourincome is an Online Advertising Platform with Revenue Sharing option. offers various advertising tools as well as an additional and limited earning opportunity to members through revenue sharing.

How do I earn money with my24hourincome?
Very Simply put: There are 4 ways to earn money with my24hourincome

#1. Purchase Ad Packs , and view 6 ads daily.
#2. Refer others and earn commissions on their purchases.
#3. You can earn extra cash by viewing PTC ads.
#4.You can earn extra cash using our Project Click Through App.

Advertising Plan Details

7 Reasons To Join To Earn

  1. World's First 100% Free Referral Commission Pool.
  1. Unbelievable Top Producer Mentoring ~ Secret Facebook Group..
  1. We Work With You As A team To Help Build Your Business.
  1. Well Known & Trusted Rev Share Earner As An Admin.
  1. 12% Commission Structure On Ad Packs Purchases.
  1. Withdrawals Open 7 Days A Week.
  1. 3 Levels hourly Distributed Sales Revenue (Up To 120% Position).

Now Here is review...

Final Summary 

My Point of View
I just see lots of big leader promoting site and i also promote because Drew he is a honest man and leading role in online market. my view is 5 star and site totally good for buy advertising.

This is an Advertising revenue sharing company. Invest unused money if any problem you face dont blame me. I just share my view about site and site now healthy position...

My24hoursincome Admin Details

Lives in Toronto, Ontario

Drew Burton - Pro Marketer, Online Sales Leader.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

How To Make Money at Adclickxpress


                               ACX Members earn from 2% to 10% daily

Watch Funny & Entertaining
Media Uploads AND Get Paid
Good Money For It?

Tell Me More!
All New Members who join
AdClickXpress receive a
that can earn you $7.50.

It's Yours To Keep!
Buy More $5 Media Packs and earn even More!!!

Investment Plan

No company Give This type of Opportunity...
 Only ACX Give 20$ Free Per day...


Friday, May 1, 2015

DigitalAdsPay Be A DAPPER

Please Do Not Join...

Hello, Today I am going to post Another great site That help me to find out better way to earn and live your life easily. This is not a investment company, Not Ponzi, No Scam. This is a real Advertising Company.

Site Name: DigitalAdspay (DAP)

What is Digital Ads Pay?
Digital Ads Pay is an online advertising site that offers various advertising services as well as an earning opportunity to it's members. We share profit instantly generated from sales of our Advertising Packages and advertising services we offer to our advertisers. We will also have PTC adds on site to earn from to expand your share buying ability or even boost your cash balance.

Is Digital Ads Pay free to join?
YES. Earn 0.30 to 0.35 Cents Everyday just click 5 PTC Ads
Digital Ads Pay is free to join. A free member can own up to 500 shares. 
A bi-weekly membership of $10 is require to own up to 10,000 shares

How much does it cost to purchase Advertising?
Our AdPack cost: $1. Other advertising services we offer has variable amount. These are the revenue share packs ) There will be paid banner advertising at set 3$ , 5$, 10, Pricing. There will be PTC service ads costing minimum 10 $ , And these will be offered as paid click ads to members.

Do members have to surf to earn?
Absolutely YES. You just need to click 10 Ads Daily on the business directory page.

How DigitaladsPay Work (DAP)?
Advertising packages are only $1 each and earns $1.25** and includes 100 ad credits

No Membership required for upto 500 Shares

A Maximum 10,000 Ad bundles can be purchased

95% of incoming Revenue goes directly to the Shared Pool

Saturday and Sunday will be our growth days (95% repurchase 24 hours)

Daily Payout Amount of $10 - $50 withdrawals available Monday – Thursday*. A real money deposit must have been completed to be eligible for withdrawal.

2 account limit per household or IP Address.

Only verified processor accounts will be accepted for deposits/withdrawal (Not applicable to Bitcoin)
5 % commissions are credited to the Repurchase Balance*

Every Friday we will offer 10% new deposit bonus for all members that will be credited to their repurchase balance

Which Payments Option DAP Support?

Friday, April 10, 2015

GetProfitAdz your Financial Freedom



Hello my site viewers i am so busy with my working and my busy life so i am not provided best site everyday. I thought i provide a great big site they provided huge dollar everyday.
only $5 dollar invest you will get $550 dollar over and it amazing!!! lets discuss about site...

What is ?
GetProfitAdz is an online-advertising platform that provides Banner- and Text Advertising to the Members. Each advertising-positions is $5.00 With this Credits you can promote your own programs and products. This Ads are viewed by every member and also by every visitor of

How much does it cost to join ?
Members can start with one time $5.00

Do you pay referral commissions ?
Yes, you earn Commissions every time a position from your direct Referral cycle a level in the Matrix.

Which payment processors are available ?
We only accept PerfectMoney, OkPay, Payeer and you can withdrawal your Account Balance from to your Cycler Balance.

My Payment Proof


Video Tutorial

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Unisonwealth Everyone Earnes in Unison

Not Paying Do not join please

"Unlike any other matrix, you are NEVER last in, as there are thousands of positions already paid for, ready to follow you in, day after day, after day... PURE GENIUS!!"

Hello Viewers Today i am going to introduced Big site Called Unisonwealth. Do you Earn Long time for your residual income This site is for you i personally recommend Join this awesome money making opportunity. Its not too late. Everyday They cycled minimum 5000 packs so you definitely cycled. Today i review this site full cause i trusted this site owner and every member got paid everyday. lets start....My All Friend.

Some Feature Made by Company
Potential Earning of Each $2 Position
Each $2 Position has potential of earnings of $103 in Cash and $56 in Subscription Wallet!

Daily Subscription
To make any passive program work we need constant inflow of positions. Daily Subscription is the solution to the same as it keeps the movement going on!

Advance Payment of Subs
At UnisonWealth, 15 days' payment is taken in advance in respect of each Sub and after that there is NO COMMITMENT on part of the member to pay in respect of that Sub. Yes, your commitment stops here!

Unique Referral Plan
UnisonWealth has a Unique Referral Plan where the Sponsors earn in three different ways apart from earning as a member viz., Upfront Referral Commission, Matching Cash Bonus on Cycling of Referral and Matching Subscription Wallet Bonus on Cycling of Referral!

1. UnisonWealth Payplan is based on a Company Forced Matrix with Daily Subscription

2. There are Five Levels of 4x1

3. Each "Daily" Ad Subscription Costs $2 and earns you a position in Level 1 matrix

4. For each Ad Subscription, $35 is to be paid in advance (at the time of purchasing subscription) to cover for 15 days' subscription (15 days x $2 per Daily Sub = $30) and balance $5 will be distributed as Upfront Referral Commission in 3 Levels (Level 1 : $3, Level 2 : $1 and Level 3 : $1)

5. You get 1000 quality banner impressions for each $2 Daily Subscription payment

We noticed that some members were not clear as to how much to fund. The details of amount required is as under :

1. One Sub = $5 Registration + $35 Sub Cost x 1 Sub = $40

2. Two Subs = $5 Registration + $35 Sub Cost x 2 Subs = $75

3. Three Subs = $5 Registration + $35 Sub Cost x 3 Subs = $110

4. Four Subs = $5 Registration + $35 Sub Cost x 4 Subs = $145