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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Google Develops New Software To Fight Child Pornography Images

Software News
Google develops new software to fight child pornography images


Lots of time my valuable visitors email me for publish new software news. Visitors today i will post a new and unique software news that some people know about this and some people don't. So today my topic is Google develops new software to combat child pornography images.

The internet is a gift; an extensive data sharing network that has enabled us to do so much good. It has revolutionized the way we communicate with one another, schedule events and vacations, manage our finances, and even receive an education.

Unfortunately, the internet also has the potential to do evil. Criminals can hide behind the blanket of anonymity that the web provides, and there is no better example of this behavior than the child porn industry. In many cases, these images find a permanent home on popular search engines such as Google - a practice that the California-based company is working hard to eradicate.

According to The Telegraph, Google’s engineers are developing a new technology to crackdown on the transfer of child pornography through online channels. Google’s system will enable other search engines and websites to ‘flag’ these photos as indecent, where they can then be deleted automatically.

Google is also making a 1.27-million pound fund available to independent software developers to produce tools to combat child pornography. The new projects were welcomed by independent child protection experts. Web search companies have come under political pressure to crack down on the availability of such images online.

Pressure has intensified in Britain in recent weeks, following revelations that Mark Bridger, who murdered five-year-old April Jones, and Stuart Hazell, who killed Tia Sharp, 12, were both found to have viewed indecent images of children on the web.

John Carr, a government advisor, expressed his gratitude by saying, “Google have stepped up. No one can argue about that. In all my time working in this space no company has ever devoted anything like this level of resources to working with civil society organisations to attack online child abuse images.”

Final Words
Google develops new software to fight child pornography images. Google plays an important roles over the year. I am new in blogging and help me and suggest me if any wrong about my article. Visiting us and don't forget to subscribe via email.


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