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Monday, July 1, 2013

Google Working On Android Game Console Smartwatch And New Nexus Q

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Today I will share a news that was very helpful and need everyone who like games, watch, and also media player. You think that who provide this three ultimate software? Think! Surprise! Don't be, Google provide the bonus three software that was identified by Android Game Console Smartwatch And New Nexus Q.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is developing its own Android gaming console, a smartwatch which we already knew about, and the second generation Nexus Q streaming media player. The paper reports that the former two devices are in response to similar devices in the works over at iPhone giant, Apple.

But the biggest problem it has is that most Android games are designed with small devices and touch input in mind, not widescreen TVs and controllers. Google putting together an official Android console may change that. Of course, once Google is in the living room, the console could become a media hub, perfect for its Play Store music and movie streaming and rentals. It's safe to say that the web and Chrome will play a big part as well.

That said, Google already has a device, or rather a platform, for the living room, namely Google TV. It's based on Android as well and it also incorporates the Play Store. It's also not very popular.

What's more, the Nexus Q was also designed as a media hub. It never made it to market, but a second Nexus Q is in the works. It's not hard to imagine that this new device would also focus on streaming and media content, so Google could be offering three devices that do the same thing.


Google Inc. is developing a video games console and wristwatch powered by its Android operating system, according to people familiar with the matter, as the Internet company seeks to spread the software beyond smartphones and tablets. With the game machine and digital watch, Google is hoping to combat similar devices that Apple Inc. APPLE may release in the future, according to the people.

Google is also preparing to release a second version of an Android-powered media-streaming device, called Nexus Q, that was unveiled last year but not sold to the public, these people said.

The Internet giant hopes to design and market the devices itself and release at least one of them this fall, they added.

A Google-built smartwatch, on the other hand, could be interesting. There are plenty of rumors that Apple is working on one, so everyone else, Samsung, for example, and now Google, is jumping in to get to the market first.


But here too, Google already has a device that would fill some of the same roles, namely Google Glass. Like Glass, the smartwatch would connect to a phone and could display information at a glance, bypassing the need to take out your phone to check out an email or even see what time it is.

It's also noted that all these devices are built in-house by Google and not by Motorola.


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