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Saturday, July 27, 2013

How To Create A Contact Form For Blogger Site

Hi friends and my loyal readers, last couple of days i am working on software and software news but suddenly my brain knock me and my eyes fall my readers, i saw that day by day my site tariff lower and lower. Now i am thinking that lots of works need on my site and i am decided that i am working on blogger widgets. Hope for the best wishes for me. See my previous post about software news:

So lets play today's my first tutorial on How to create contact us form. Its so simple, don't worry i am here. Many newbie blog holder don't know about this important part of this blog. i am seeing lots of site they cant utilized this form my question is why man?

Think, you publish a new post and your readers likes your post and they face problem, ya you say that they should comment on comment box. But sometime faces major problem cant shows everyone, so dear friends please make a contact us page on your blog or site.

Think 2, If you haven't contact us page so you face another problem, What is the problem? yes you face very big problem. Alexa is a information company and provide your site ranking suppose your site ranking like 1 thousands you need advertisement on your site And your page shows Google first page.

Many internet buyers searching that Google everyday which site is better ranking. Suddenly they find your site and they will contact you. So this is my point IF you have no contact us page you definitely lose you best buyers. "THINK THINK AND THINK.......NEVER IGNORE CONTACT US PAGE".

  1. Go To blogger Account 
  2. Navigate to the Layout Page
  3. Click on the Add a Gadget Link Anywhere you want
  4. Select More Gadget from the left Menu and choose first option named contact form
  5. Give it any title you like. I recommend "Contact Us or Contact ME"


  6. Click on save button


Once it’s done, you should see the slick and clean Contact Form added to your Blog’s sidebar.

  1. Name – Name of the reader who is sending you a message
  2. Email – Email address of the reader who is sending you a message
  3. Message – The message which the reader wants to send to you.
Send Message Anyone Looks Like
When the reader sends you a message via the contact form, you will receive it straight in your mail inbox. Copies of this message will be sent to each Admin user of the Blog. Below screenshot will give you an idea of how the message will look like. 


This is my another blog visitors send me a message. It looks like this. This is my first tips to you i will make another tutorial create-separate-contact-page-for-blogger. Till than good bye happy blogging.

Video Tutorial
IF you don't understand and you face problems don't worry You can see video tutorial and you definitely understand. Please subscribe my channel and comment this video how this video works or not.

Final Words
This is my first article about blogger tips, tricks, gadget anything you can say. I try my level best hope that everyone like my article. Brothers and Sisters it is essential to create a contact form don't be late. If you any problem feel free to ask in comment section, I will reply you. keep visiting and place your valuable comment. don't forget to subscribe us.


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