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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Google Adsense Account Approved Within 2 Hours Through Youtube & Blog

In recent days before i got an Approved  Adsense account, dear friends Clap on my achievement. In these days Google Adsense approved account achieved so much tough because Google strictly provided their rules and regulations. People use to say that blogging is the easiest way to earn money by seating at your home, but actually money making is not an easy job, you have to pay a lot of time to earn. Most of the people join Blogging platform with the hope that they will earn money by placing ads on their sites or may be some other ways. But many bloggers leave blogging because they can't even get the approval from AdSense.

In every newbie blogger want to approved in Adsense but can't approved because Google strictly provided there rules in major countries like Bangladesh, India, China, Pakistan etc. Do not worry about this in this tutorial i will tell you simple steps how to get an Adsense account within 2 hours through Youtube.

My experience i will tell you shortly I am working this site within two years but i am worried how could i approve in Adsense because my tariff is too low and in this days my tariff is also low. But suddenly i read this kind of article and approved in Adsense so i am too much happy. don't worry guys  you are trying but cant get approved in Adsense my tutorial definitely help you approved in Adsense because i am approved in this tricks. please add contact page it is necessary and Google policy.


Google Adsense Approval  Within 2 Hour follow these steps

1. Create a New Gmail account (tip: Choose United State as your location)

2. Login to youtube with your newly created Google account


3. After login go to right corner and click on video manager


4. Click Channel Setting and click Monetization Enable button


5. Click Enable My Account


6. Click I Accept


7. Click Go it.....

8. You should receive a message in your inbox saying your youtube account is ready for monetization After the message, upload a unique video to Youtube

9. Be sure to add right descriptions and related tags to your video

10. Wait for the upload to complete and hit publish please monitized your videos see images


11. Now go to this link and click next

12. Click yes proceed to Google Account sign in


13. Than again sign in with your password


14. Click Continue button

15. Last step do not provide false information, Just give your Real Address, Real Country where you belong.  Fill this form carefully. See my picture i am form Bangladesh So i used Bangladesh.


16. Just wait 2 hours Google Approved your Adsense request be happy.

This is most interesting part and it is so easy to approved adsense and show ads on your blog so do it now......

1. Go to your new Adsense account and sign in click Google Adsense

2. Go to account setting

3. Scroll down to the bottom to locate invite, enter the email of your blogger account and click on invite. (be careful enter your blog email id which is associated to your blog)


4. Click on invite.

5.  After invitation go to your blog email id open mail and accept invitation

6. Than logout your new email account and enter your blog email if you see that your blog email id enter adsense account Congratulation you definitly approved an Adsense

7. Now time to create adsense ads create ads and get your code, After that place your code your Blogspot blog.  adds will start displaying after 3-7 minutes.

1. Login in to your AdSense account.

2. On the Home tab, click  the Account settings page.


3. In the “Access and authorization” section, next to “Only host sites are allowed to show ads for your account,” click edit.

4. On the “Show ads on other websites” page that appears, enter the URL of the site where you plan to show ads.


5. Click Submit.

6. Finally you need to Implement AdSense ad code on the URL that you provided above, on a page that receives traffic.

Once your request is approved, you can place your ad code on any website that you own without any further approvals. If your application is not approved, you should receive a message in your adsense account stating reason why your site is not approved, meanwhile you still got your approved adsense account and you can correct the errors and resubmit again.


I will Make a video tutorial Also If you need please comment below. Please create contact me page.


Final Words
The whole things i will tell you my experience i will tell you so simple if you got any problem please comment on below i will solve your problem as soon as possible. Adsense Approved so easy dont worry apply my trick definitly approved in adsense. You need videos please SUBSCRIBE OUR CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE, please make your comment, like and share my article. Almost 5 hours i made this article for my All FRIENDS AND MY READERS AND EVERYONE.

Thank You, Keep Blogging.



  1. Its so good of you gave your precious time in writing this article ..I am really very glad that bloggers like you share such a useful information..thank you !

  2. @aman
    Thank you so much for your comment...keep visiting us..

  3. Brother, this is a very good info...extreme thanks to you..
    My blog was rejected my adsense once showing insuffient content.
    So now shall I use this method for my blog for adsense...give reply pls

  4. Nice Tutorial Bro.. Google adsense is one good Way Bloggers Earn Money. I must confess that i Have been Earning greatly with it.

    This Tutorial Works Perfectly. I suggested it to Some of My friends when I wrote about it on My blog and the really enjoyed it...

  5. @Dinesh Ramakrishnan
    bro thank you for your comment. yes you definitly used this tricks and gain adsense again...used this tricks carefully and if u find any problem knock comment...keep stay us...

  6. @Antonio Omeihe
    yes bro, this guide helpful every newbie blogger who cant find google adsense.....thank u for ur comment...

  7. Wao Great I will try this on my blog.... can you please give me your facebook id or skype????

  8. @stone
    Thanx for your comment.
    my Fb:
    I dont have skype.....
    stay with us.

  9. thank you, you article is so good. have you got paid by adsense?

  10. @செழியன்
    Thank you for your comment. When i got $100 than i am approved to withdraw my money, It is a google rules....And don't worry its 100% safe.....Every big blogger used this strategy..

  11. I'm using my newly created account which is already used in Youtube . can i use that account for blog too.

  12. @eric
    If your are approved in youtube adsense your enail account that was used u....than follow this steps (TIME TO APPROVED ON YOUR BLOG) that shows upper.....see yourself.
    My suggestion create new account gmail and select USA than submit your approval..


  13. Thanks. If i use Domain name like .com . can i Approved adsence in my site by following your steps????

  14. thanks for your reply, i got adsense too. i upload one video just now, do i need to do anything on videos to display ads?

  15. @eric
    yes definitely approved follow my steps......
    thank you for your comment

  16. @செழியன்
    congratulation for ur adsense....when u upload a video same time monetized your video are you doing this? If u do the ads showing automatically when 100 visitors visit your video.....

    Please all of guys subscribe my channel also...

  17. sure, oh, do i need to click monetize for each and every time when i upload a video?

  18. thank you , i have been running one tamil blog (
    within coming sep, i will launch one english blog.

    1. hi pa...nan oru tamil blog create paniruken ana enala google adsence ah activate pana mudiyala nan neraiya tricks use paniten no use help panuga frnd

  19. i love the way ur post gives details tnx for sharing

    this is the video which i upload. please share this, i am out of online for a week, if you do , i can check ma adsense a/c.

  21. @Olili Bob
    Thank you for your comment keep visiting us...

  22. @செழியன்
    Ok i will do for you dont worry about this and if u have time subscribed us and share my content and videos....

  23. Nice Article Buddy, Thanks for sharing this info.


    1. @trickshut
      Thank you for placing your comment...

  24. Replies
    1. @ADESANMI
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  25. Great tricks. but my question is can we use YouTube approved account on our blog?
    Rana Irfan
    My recent post:

    1. yes you used this on your blog.....keep visiting us..thank you

  26. Very very appreciable post.
    i am doing the steps, but when i tried to monatize my vedio, a red label showing "undefined" appeared,.
    Now what should i do?

    1. Hi Anzaq
      Please make sure you make your video and dont used any instrument sound on your video. Format must be used FLV and MP4, Description and tags used must be.......
      Thank you for your comment keep visiting us

  27. i launched new blog ya
    could you write guest post for my blog?
    then i upload one video on youtube, unfortunetly i click on ads.
    but it happend only once, does it make any issues/banned by google?

    1. Hi chezhiyan
      I would like to write guest post but you have a new blog please gain some visitors to your site and verify your site on alexa.....Are you Adsense holder? If you than do not click your ads one click its ok.....
      Thank you and keep visiting us....

  28. @செழியன் =chezhiyan ( i hope you understand), i got adsense approval, i started new blog, that is . please visit my blog tel me some suggestion to improve it. then if you got paid by adsense, write a post about that too. it would be helpful.

    1. Thank you for your comment....when i am get my first payment than i will write an article......i saw your site....please visit some big site and try to understand how remove load time on blog....i suggest remove images background and download seo friendly template....which load time is fast....thank you...

  29. Brother how are you? Can u give me your Mobile Number. I am also a adsnese publisher from Bangladesh. I want to contact with you for adsense details.

    1. hi, dont mind i can not give my number..please contan me on facebook...

  30. Awesome Trick...Now finally I have my adsense approved account...JAZAKALLAH brother...keep the good work up :)

    1. Thank you for your comment...enjoy adsense earning..

  31. bro ?
    i followed your tutorial ... but i think it is not working now :'(
    i got my adsense, i invited my another gmail which has blog,
    & i accpted,
    but when i went to earnings section in blogger dashboard . I'm not getting switch adsense account there,
    & i got this error
    Sign up(button but not clickable) - Your blog doesn't currently qualify for AdSense. Learn more

    what to do now ??? :'(

    1. definitely it is working cause i get adsense in this process and all my friends have adsense in this tutorial. you can not get access blogger dashboard cause this adsense is via by youtube not directly. so if u are invited you blog same email. you got confirmation mail on ur mail and go google/adsense enter your blogger email if u are approved tthan definitely u access account....thank u..

  32. @Ariful ,
    i have accpted that confirmation email,
    but earning tab is not working and some one also commented the same problem at other site , i saw the same error, i think google has fixed this adsense bypass trick,

    hey one question
    ? as i was unable to click at switch adsense account in blogger earning tab, so i went to hosted adsense account & i created new ad unit & i put that code in my blogger widget as a html, after 2-3 seconds , ads are showing ... but in earning tabs still there is no option for earning, but my blog is showing ads by ad code created by adsense account.... so my question is ? it is ok or it may be a trouble ? my adsense can be suspend ? and what about earning ? will adsense track my earning ??

  33. i put those ad code in my invited gmail blogger just for testing purpose ??
    see this

    but my question is if i continue posting on this site & i make changes ?
    my hosted adsense will be safe ??
    & one more question, if my youtube monitization account , which has only 1 uploaded video, if my that youtube monitization account will be inactive ? then they may suspend my hosted adsense account ?
    is it guaranteed life time adsense account ???

  34. Nice article bro ! visit my site too .


    andriod tricks see my blog

  36. Thanks , i got it by your tips. But it is hosted account .can i earn by this?