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Friday, August 30, 2013

How To Add Google Adsense Custom Search Engine For Your Blog

google-adsense-custom-searchHey guys how are you? Last one week i am searching many article and gain some knowledge, So i am thinking that to share my idea and tricks to my readers how to earn more money add Google Adsense custom search engine on blog.

I am finding that lots of site authors written their article on wordpress based but cant help in blogger blog, So i am too much angry about this and make a tutorial about Google Custom Search. Any problem you face i will make it so easy, See my video tutorial on youtube........


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In my last post i am trying my best and many of them find there GOLD FISH that means Google Adsense. Some people thanking me and i am happy because they are trying many years but cant approved in Adsense. If you are not approved on Adsense please follow my previous post you 100% approved on adsense......(I AM GUARANTEED TO YOU)

Here is come to the point, Every newbie approved on adsense and show ads in blog He or She cant satisfied there earnings. If you are not satisfied don't worry i am coming to you my new tutorial how to add Google custom search engine. There are many benefits of using Custom search like providing results to the user, decrease the bounce rate, increase Adsense revenue etc.

Before going to today's tutorial i am requesting you please search my site you will see this ads on the upper page.


How To Create Google Custom Search For Your Blog: Lets play

First off, we are going to create a page in our blog and name the page “search” or any name you wish to name it as you wish and publish don't understand see below image



1. Go to your Adsense Account. Click on My Ads. Select Search than Click on New custom search engine



2. Name Put your search name please remember this name because when you edit this next time you need this name

3. What to search Select only sites i select. In this box type your blog address

4. Keywords Which types of ads shown on search when people search your site. So Think and appropriate keyword used.

5. Safe Search You should click it to prevent unwanted ads

6. Country or Territory Select your own country

7. Language Leave it in English

8. Encoding Please don’t touch this, except you know what you’re doing…

9. Transliteration Let it be English

10. Popular queries Select This


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Lets jump to search result
1. Click search result and select on my website using an iframe

2. URL where search results will be displayed Put in the Page  you created earlier because this is where the search results will appear

3. Width of result This should be 800 or based on the width of your blog. (Here is mine)
3. Click save and get code
If you are done this process than add this code on your blog. Shall we go?

4. You will get 2 codes. First one is Search box code for displaying the search box and second one is Search Results Code


5. Now put the 2nd code and go to your page that created earlier paste this code on HTML mode and click on publish button.


6. Go back to your adsense code and copy Search box code section (1st code)

7. Now go to your blog dashboard  Click Layout..... Click ADD Widget to where you want the search box to appear and paste the code in the Html Click Save and you’re completely done.

Congratulation you are done now search your blog you definitely see your ads and you should be smiling.....

So dear friends finally i am telling you when you ads this custom search engine definitely your adsense income increase 100%. In my experience when i add this search engine my income increases dramatically.

So My question to you are you adding or using this? IF yes than tell me in comment section how it is works for you.

Lastly please like, share and tweet this awesome post, Who knows your one share help others and your friends who didnt know this features. Do not hesitate to share my post because sharing is not a waste of time. Earn your adsense income and shouting huraaaa......


  1. Hi Ariful,

    Nice tutorial indeed :)

    Yes, many bloggers or shall I say new bloggers face problems when they want their Google Adsense account approved, or some even get them banned. I am sure your post would help most of them.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week :)

    1. Hi Harleena,
      Thank you mam, you always encourage newbie, that was really nice.....
      Have a good day.....

  2. there is no option of "Search" in my Google Adsense account..can you tell me why? :(

    1. of course u have just click Click on My Ads than click custom channel you will see search option....thank u