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Friday, September 13, 2013

Custom Robots Header Tags For Blogger


Every younger want to be a successful in blogger life but they wouldn't there carrier successful in Blogging life. Some problems they face and rid-off blogging carrier. Every new blogger want Adsense but there some mistakes they are disapproved on Google. This is the real in blogging carrier and i am also face this kind of problem. In my previous post i was discussing about Custom Robots.txt that was helpful in SEO. Today's i will discuss about How to add custom robots header tags>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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In SEO section this guideline i will tell you that is too much important for new bloggers who can not used this before, Google introduced there new features and SEO friendly for blogger platform custom header robots tag. This is very useful tools developed by Google which part of your blog index and which part of your blog nonindex. You have to be careful to setup custom header robots text because if you do something wrong Google not index your page in search engine. Follow the instructions carefully and it'll positively help you to boost your web site traffic. Please Index you page as soon as possible please read this article


Add Custom Robot Header Tags
Step 1: Log in blogger blog.
Step 2: Navigate Blogger Dashboard >  Setting > Search Preferences > Custom Robots Header Tags › 
Step 3: Click>>>Edit>>>Yes

Step 5: Save Changes
Step 4: Then check all the boxes that's given in the screen shot
Friends Learn About This Checked Item
ALL: This attribute means no restriction for indexing it is always default for all pages.

Noindex: Do not to show this page in search result or in another word we say that it tells the search robots not to index the whole page.

Nofollow: Do not follow the links on this page

None: This attribute Equilevalent to noindex, nofollow and give signal to robot not to index any page & links

Noarchive: Do not to show "cached" links in search result.

Nosnippet: Do not to show a snippet for this page in search result.

Noodp: Do not to use metadata from the open directory project (dmoz) and do not show title and snippets for this page.

Notranslate: Do not to show translation option in others langauge in search result for this page.

Noimageindex: Do not to index image in search result for this page.

Unavailable_after: Ordered to the search robot not to show this page in search result after specified date/time.

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That was all about how to use custom robots header tags under search preferences in blogger. Now its time to enable this Awesome features. If you find any ouproblem feel free to ask in Comment below section i will solve your problem as soon as possible>>>>>>>>>Keep Blogging>>>>>>>>>



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