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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Exness Partnership Introducing Broker

I was left my blog few months but now i am back and present everyday and update my blog. My blog works only Forex, Forex news, Forex Affiliate market, Renowned Forex broker house etc. Today I am providing Exness Forex broker house and his Introducing broker/Master broker system. In my next tutorial i will told you how to exness works and their strategy, spreads, withdraw. 

Introducing Broker (IB)
Along with crediting Partner Rewards based on the trading volume of Clients signed up, EXNESS follows the practice of transferring a percentage of each of a client’s closed positions. This significantly increases the rewards received by our Partners in comparison with the standard schemes generally used by other market players.
Our specialist team has picked the ideal balance of trading conditions for you. The conditions offered by EXNESS are the best there are, and most of our Clients have been with us for a long time. When combined with our original partnership deal our partnership scheme is even simpler and more profitable.
Our Partners whose signed-up Clients trade with Forex Mini accounts receive increased commission from the spread from transactions by 1st level Clients and 3% from the spread of transactions by 2nd level Clients (that is to say Clients signed up by your Clients).
Regardless of the currency pair, your commission will be more than 33.3% of the spread.

If clients signed up by an EXNESS partner trade using Forex Classic accounts, the commission is based on their trading volumes and is equal to USD 5 for each USD 1 million of the combined total trading volume of all the Partner’s signed clients.

If clients signed up by an EXNESS partner trade using Forex ECN accounts, the commission is based on their trading volumes and is equal to USD 3 for each USD 1 million of the combined total trading volume of all the partner’s signed clients.

Our company operates a flexible reward system for our Partners. Commission is calculated automatically for all Introducing Brokers and depends on the total trading volume of the Clients they have signed up. Every EXNESS partner can increase his commission up to 40% from his 1st level Clients’ transactions and up to 7% from the transactions of his 2nd level Clients. Please note that this commission calculation applies for those Introducing Brokers who have signed up Clients who are trading with Forex Mini accounts.


How we calculate commission:
Once you have opened a Trading Account with our company and been granted the status of Introducing Broker the total trading volume of all of your 1st level Clients over the past 30 days will automatically be recalculated daily. This is the figure which will be used as the basis for your Partner commission calculations as set out in the table below.

Trading volume over 30 days
Commission as % of spread
Level of Partnership
0-50 mln USD
33.30% + 3% 2nd level
Advanced Partner
50-100 mln USD
35.00% + 3% 2nd level
Bronze Partner
100-150 mln USD
35.00% + 5% 2nd level
Silver Partner
150-200 mln USD
37.00% + 5% 2nd level
Gold Partner
200-300 mln USD
37.00% + 7% 2nd level
Platinum Partner
300-500 mln USD
40.00% + 5% 2nd level
Brilliant Partner
> 500 mln USD
40.00% + 7% 2nd level
Premium Partner

How does this work for you?
Not only can you increase your Partner rewards, you can also see exactly why you have received a particular amount of commission. The more Clients you introduce, the greater their overall trading volume and, correspondingly, the greater your Partner reward. So your active participation as an Introducing Broker for EXNESS is justly rewarded.
Since one of the advantages of working with EXNESS is the floating spread we use, our Clients are focused on a long-term relationship with us.
The floating spread is a far more transparent instrument in dealings between a company and a trader, because the Client can always see the actual conditions of the trade and is not presented with a fait accompli, as happens with a static spread.
The size of the spreads is also a significant factor. Our company offers the best spreads in the market on the majority of instruments. Clients find it advantageous to trade with EXNESS, so it is easy to attract them. What’s more, the fewer the spreads, the longer the Client stays with the company and, correspondingly, the higher the Partner reward for the Introducing Broker.
These exceptional trading conditions raise our Clients’ confidence in EXNESS and mean that they are with us for the long-term. This is also borne out by the figures below.
Using our own research based on EXNESS Partner and Client polls we have drawn up two charts which clearly show the dynamics of our Clients’ trades in comparison with the competition.


Volume of Clients’ trades with companies offering a fixed spread (over a 9 month period)
80% of trades are completed within 4 months

This graph shows the relation between Clients’ trading volumes and the type of spread over a few months.
Many companies see Client numbers fall away because they offer a fixed spread, and as a result the volume of business drops off towards the end of the period.
EXNESS, on the other hand, by offering a floating spread, has a higher volume of business for the period and a less noticeable drop-off.

Volume of Exness Clients’ trades (over a 12 month period)
80% of trades are completed within 4 months

Why You Like Exness?

  • Spreads starting at 0.3 points
  • Mini account: $10
  • Minimum lot size is 0.01
  • Maximum leverage of up to 1:2000
  • No limitations on trading strategies
  • Free VPS service
  • Wide variety of trading instruments
  • ECN
  • Second, we offer the best order execution:
  • Execution from 0.1 seconds
  • Minimum of requoting and slippage
  • Absence of Freeze Level
  • EXNESS also offers its traders a unique convenience — automatic withdrawals.
Your Turn
Finally I would say Open Mini or other account but DO NOT open Cent account. Cent account bonus program is not good. If you need any kinds of help 

Do not hesitate ask any question you need.........Thank you..... 


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