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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Zarfund How to Make 40K only spend 17$!!!


Introducing #ZarFund

The worlds best formed 2 8 6 matrix operated in Bitcoins. Watch this video and soon earn 165 BTC monthly...Please ensure you have a Blockchain or Coinbase wallet with 0.03 btc ready as you have 24 hours to pay once you have signed on and you only require 2 people to here.

Hit The Link

Strategy 2 x 2 Upgrade Profit
THIS IS BASED ON EVERYONE JUST GETTING 2 participants (if you have more than 2 you can help you downline by placing these people under them)
LEVEL 1:  2 x 0.03btc 
= 0.06btc – 0.05btc (upgrade to level 2)
= 0.01btc profit per month

LEVEL 2:  4 x 0.05btc
= 0.2btc – 0.1btc (upgrade to level 3)
= 0.1btc profit per month

LEVEL 3:  8 x 0.1btc 
= 0.8btc – 0.2btc (upgrade to level 4) 
= 0.6btc profit per month

LEVEL 4:  16 x 0.2btc 
= 3.2btc – 1btc (upgrade to level 5)  
= 2.2btc profit per month      

LEVEL 5:  32 x 1btc 
= 32btc – 2btc (upgrade to level 6) 
= 30btc profit per month

LEVEL 6:  64 x 2btc  
= 128btc profit per month

Please Join and give me your comment.
if you have any query feel free to ask!
Its a solid online best make money system
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Ariful Haque


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